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  1. The camera is really good, too. I've been able to take some awesome photos.
  2. Cool. And how's the camera?
  3. I don't know, it just feels real smooth. I also like that it has finger print recognition so I can it's always locked, but I can get in super quickly.
  4. What do you like about it most?
  5. I actually really like it; it's something that I thought was really cool and haven't been disappointed by it. In fact, I switched phone companies in order to get it.
  6. Yo X. You said you had that new Google Pixel phone, right? How are you liking it? I’d love to buy one, but they’re a Verizon exclusive.
  7. No, it got zero interest.
  8. Are you going to continue the HoF?
  9. Love it, and just changed it; great suggestion!
  10. You should make your user title Cafe Conqueror.
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