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  1. There aint enough cleaning to wipe away the evidence of the "very visible bond" you two share.
  2. play the victim, "B-but officer GP, I didn't know he would post hentai on my profile!"

    though, it would be worse if a mod was VM-ing someone hentai, I gotta clean out my convos with Crispy before I win the powerball ya?
  3. It was me because mods probably shouldn't have links to hentai on their walls. Lol
  4. I knew GP pointed them out, but I assumed Featherine edited them out of shame
  5. lol Yeah. GP pointed out what they were. My mistake was I clicked the links and thought they were singular images so I have no clue what I really opened.
  6. oh it was?
  7. lol That was me, actually. I didn't want to have active links on my VM's.
  8. "scrubbing" huh? last time I checked it was Featherine who scrubbed the VMs, not you
  9. God, don't say that.

    I'll one day be tasked with scrubbing the place.
  10. I wonder how much unseen hentai is actually in the GSD
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