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  1. Yeah a couple of them are pending too. They should be able to join rather soon. We're finally full steam ahead sith the project.
  2. 15 members eh? Very nice. Alright I think I'm ready to be a bit more active. Just had to take a short break from OP related stuff
  3. Be sure to check the WG group as frequently as you can, since the notifications still aren't installed. We've expanded it dramatically and all discussions on Project Phoenix will be held there. The first thread has already been posted.
  4. Oh, yeah I get you.
  5. I just meant I dont't think Whitebeard would have been able to take Kaido down, not that Kaido would be above him or anything.
  6. I'd say Akainu's magma fist seals the deal. The stab is nothing significant for someone like Whitebeard but he was definitely below Kaidou after Akainu's attack.
  7. After getting stabbed by Squard and having his first heart attack, I doubt he'd be able to beat Kaido, but that's about it. At the beginning of the Paramount War, I'd say nay to the downplayers.
  8. There were several Whitebeard threads and I don't know man. MF Whitebeard is not even considered to be equal to the other Yonko let alone World's Strongest
    Everything he did in the war is used to downplay him. His title isn't even relevant to people anymore. Like Oda just put it there for fun.
  9. Ohhh, I got ya. Yeah Sakazuki probably would have been severely injured after only a few more hits and I doubt he would have been able to react in time to dodge them considering his state immediately afterwards.
  10. This isn't about the same Akainu who went on to fight Marco and co. This is Akainu right after he was hit by Whitebeard. In no way was he capable of fighting back there. Oda couldn't make it any more clear when he had Akainu fall in that crevice helplessly cursing, while Whitebeard stood tall. If Akainu could muster a counterattack like he did after the first hit, he would've done so.
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