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  1. nihilism moment
  2. No, it was the dying part.
  3. oh i imagine

    especially the succ of your lifetime i guess
  4. New heights of creeps every time.

    It was awesome though.
  5. it's up to your memes to decide
  6. Which ones, stalking kids and gay cosplay sex?
  7. what if i told you 2/3 of it is true

  8. The difference between out stories is that yours is believable.
  9. ...

    nothing special, just stalked a couple of kids and had ancient roman cosplay sex with a handsome piece of man. I'm so tired today i can barely walk.
  10. Thank you Crispy Anus.

    Yes. Took an LSD in the bus and downed a bottle of whisky. Got off the bus, ran to the beach, getting naked on the way there. Tripped on a rock, broke my nose. Woke up in the hospital, drugged af. Got up, ran to the beach again. Jumped into the sea, almost drowned. Turns out I was rescued by some gangstas. Snorted coke out of a girl's crack, tore the stitches in my nose, bled all over her ass. Apparently it was a roofie. Woke up with severe ass pain. Took another LSD and chugged a keg of beer, jumped into the sea again, died. A hottie pulled me out and tried CPR, but it didn't work. Gave me the succ of a lifetime and pulled my soul back into me. We married, I have 2 kids now. I named them after you, Crispy and Anus.

    What have you been up to?
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