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  1. Why'd you call it harassment though? She seems to be enjoying it.
  2. Well I can't blame you, it's funny as hell, given the circumstances.
  3. well, you know... i give everyone pretty girls and you get a fully erect sexual harasser
  4. Yeah right, I'm not petty like that.
  5. i was very afraid you'd be at least a bit pissed at that, but after i saw that i couldn't pass
  6. I'm repping the shit out of you once I spread, because the accuracy on that is legit scary.
  7. What are you rambling on about, I'm the same as always. I'm just in the middle of exams right now, you know what that means.
  8. do i have to bid farewell to the zentos everyone loved and accept this new grumpy crusty rusty prick with a tongue as sharp as his penis is frozen?
  9. Been about time I started shifting the gears.
  10. hmph

    i miss the old zentosu. Even if you looked like a serial rapist at least you were more enthusiastic about stuff here

    now i barely see you posting
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