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  1. More like 20 tbh
  2. ikr! We finally get someone even the Ogre can't underestimate. Took them what ? 5 years to create a character like that xD
  3. Yeah comparing it OP, NNT, FT or most series like them would be a diservice tbh

    Yeah Musashi has a lot of potential plus the fact that it was stated

    Yujiro could have gotten killed while fighting made me
  4. I totally agree... The way Baki developed both mentally and physically is done WAY better than many manga I've read.

    I am just hoping this current arc doesn't go down hard. Musashi is a promising character that will hopefully push Baki to become better than his dad.
  5. Yeah It didn't I always thought it was supposed to do that as most big fights are these drama filled ones and then you look at that fight

    Yeah Baki part 1 was fun I liked Baki and the mountain ape and how he was used only problem is the art IMO

    However I also really think Baki is one of the better Shonen when it comes to MC development
  6. I donno why... But the last fight between Baki and his father didn't leave as huge of an impact as most of the other arcs.

    The first manga is still my favorite honestly... His pursuit for power back then was much more interesting than it is now. Hell Baki Dou almost doesn't focus on Baki anymore.
  7. It's that sense of unpredictability I like about him

    I also like the 5 convict arc a lot
  8. True enough... His pure approach to everything is unique.
  9. TBH I think the pickle arc is the best arc in the series

    yeah but I think that's what makes pickle as charming as he is

  10. I always feel bad for pickle... He's never given much attention even though his potential is so huge. He's smart enough to think, maybe not talk but definitely to think of basic stuff... Imagine if he gets taught HOW to fight rather than be a simpleton beast.
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