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  1. Rokudanshi Majutsu Koushi is about a mage who is officially only a 3rd rate magician starting to teach in the school of magic. In reality he used to be a professional magician killer, but at the same time he's not OP... Which is the main reason why I love the anime/manga.

    He's balanced out really well. Characters still kick his ass, and he kicks others ass. And the interaction between him and the students are sometimes outright hilarious.

    As for Little Witch Academia. It's a girl that's basically a muggle from Harry Potter entering the world of magic. And her trying to get up to the top with barely any talent all hard work, plus her personality that never gives up even when she ends up looking stupid (and hilarious).

    TL;DR Little Witch Academia is a good recommendation if you're into Comedy and Adventure with less Action genres.
    Rokudanshi Majutsu Koushi is a good recommendation if you're into more Action and Comedy with less Adventure.
  2. what's that about?

    probably because there's been so much delay since the last season and i heard the manga fell off a cliff

    so glad to see Nardo end but now they're selling Boruto

    how good is that?
  3. Really liked Rokudanshi Majutsu Koushi to the point where I have already read the manga and up to date.

    Donno why, but Shingeki no Kyoujin simply isnt that exciting anymore

    I am not even considering Boruto, since I literally hate the naruto series right now.

    Also still following Little Witch Academia from last season. one of those 25 eps.
  4. what else have you checked out this season?
  5. Well, this season BnhA is my favorite... Probably will remain like that.
  6. I keep procrastinating in trying out the manga

    But yeah, it was good, though I would say the boobs kinda hindered my enjoyment. I think the only other anime I watched last season was Konosuba though, so I can't really have a good comparison like you can.
  7. BTW, huge fan of Kobayashi no Dragon Maid

    That anime was downright awesome. I think I enjoyed it the most out all the others last season
  8. I think that happened with one or two series I read, was confusing as hell XD

    That's monthly so at least you can count on that regularly
  9. Literally right now chapters 128-130 (and chapter 122) are still missing in Baki xD
  10. The problem isn't when it's released (monthly or bi-montly, it's kind of random sometimes). It's the fact that the chapters aren't translated in order

    For example chapter 130 was translated at some point... But chapters 110-116 weren't translated yet. I had to wait months and months to get those 6 chapters xD

    The longest wait I have to do is with Tate No Yuusha... But I think it's a manga worth waiting for.
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