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  1. I think that happened with one or two series I read, was confusing as hell XD

    That's monthly so at least you can count on that regularly
  2. Literally right now chapters 128-130 (and chapter 122) are still missing in Baki xD
  3. The problem isn't when it's released (monthly or bi-montly, it's kind of random sometimes). It's the fact that the chapters aren't translated in order

    For example chapter 130 was translated at some point... But chapters 110-116 weren't translated yet. I had to wait months and months to get those 6 chapters xD

    The longest wait I have to do is with Tate No Yuusha... But I think it's a manga worth waiting for.

  4. Baki huh, how often does that update?
  5. I know the feeling... Although the only manga I am truly bothered with when it comes to this stuff is Baki.
  6. Such dedication

    I kinda feel HxH fans a bit, as many of my current fave series have irregular release schedules. Worse though is at least HxH fans will get their translation when a chapter comes out, many of my series' translators are small time guys who need funding or something .
  7. Honestly I am a huge fan of HxH. So when all the hiatus stuff hit, I was pretty much sad for a week Had nothing interested to read or watch anymore. I literally kept rewatching the anime and reading the manga. And when the 2011 anime came out, I was happy as fuck xD

    Right now I am following Gosu Manhwa and Noblesse. Those are my favorite at the moment. I literally ignore my professor in the middle of a lecture when I see the notification that a new chapter was released. Literally just pop it open and read it while he's talking xD

  8. Actually, I've found myself seeing a whole bunch of series I read end lately, within the past year or so
  9. IKR

    Honestly it's rare to find a series/manga that actually ENDS lately. Most of them stop in the middle or go on hiatus (HxH )
  10. Well, it's not one I would like to say I've read

    But yeah, I reread it recently and the ending gave me more appreciation for the series. Kurumu
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