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  1. Still a faculty student, so probably won't take up a full time job as a network engineer just yet. So for now I will work towards CCNP
  2. Mabrook brother. Happy for you.

    So what's next? Looking for a new job or getting another certification?
  3. HEY POPS! Officially a CCNA starting from today! I just passed my exam 2h ago
  4. Awesome, thanks!
  5. Found out about this, donno if you know about it or not:
    You can register and get 3 month free subscription to Pluralsight, a professional lecture and tutoring site (pretty much THE professional tutoring site in the world) among MANY other things.

    There are CCENT courses to CCNA and CCNP courses, including Network+ and many other things. If anything it should help you in your studies + anything else you want to learn Hope it helps my friend.
  6. Unfortunately my side has already updated the CCNA

    I have to take the CCNA 200-125 now
  7. Yeah, hopefully. I'm trying to take the ICND2 before September 20th because that's when the new version becomes mandatory.

  8. Nice! ICND1 should be a walk in the park for you inshaAllah

    Although I am pretty sure you have already searched for these by now, but you can use these as practice:
  9. My university is updating the course material so I should be good for the updated ICND1, gonna take it soon insha'Allah. Going through the material, pretty easy so far.
  10. I forgot to say this multiple times, glad I am saying it now before I forgot.

    About the forums issues, there is one more that I am not sure everyone knows about or submitted as a non functioning feature.

    Remember when you start writing something? Usually after a set timer the forum saves a small draft of your message that you can recover after refreshing the page or something similar. This is not working, just wanted to tell you that
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