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  1. Yo. We're trying to discuss various hadith in the Islam thread, with the aim of improving ourselves. Join in whenever you get the chance
  2. What's that??
  3. Join the Islamic Reminders mention group
  4. Aaah nice, congrats!

    As for the career options... Honestly, there's very little you can do wrong. Every single one of those options gets paid well in the long run (if you become an expert that is). The major difference imho is the start, some are harder to start than others (like Network Engineering etc...)

    I personally just went with what I liked most (networks), I've had friends go the Ethical Hacker route, which is (I believe) even harder... And others of course took on Programming and development in general (Web, android, iOS and software development in general).

    So it's really up to whether you like it or not.
  5. I'm more on the fence now. I'm open to a lot of possibilities. From security to software development to whatever else. Tehre are sooooo many options.

    BTW, almost done with my degree. On my last class.
  6. Hmm... In both cases you will get a job as both are needed. Although software developer is much more in demand in normal scenarios... But at the same time the pay is less (at least where I live).

    You could look at it from this perspective: if you don't have the time to sit down and research a lot about security and get certain certification. Then going for software is better imho.

    There is the obvious statement: take what you like most. Which is definitely the most important thing. Since it doesn't really matter what you pick as long as you like it... Because if you like it, you will improve yourself in that area and get paid well in the process.

    And the reason why certification is important in security is actually really simple. There are people out there with the ethical hacker certification, CCNP security etc... Those kinds of certifications are looked for, if not essential in truly high level and highly paid jobs. But they are a big investment of both money and time.

    It's up to you to consider the pros and cons of both sides and choose
  7. I'm thinking of transitioning from security to software development. Opinion?
  8. Still a faculty student, so probably won't take up a full time job as a network engineer just yet. So for now I will work towards CCNP
  9. Mabrook brother. Happy for you.

    So what's next? Looking for a new job or getting another certification?
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