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  1. Yea I know it's asking for the uncommon one. The first 3 are common while the last one simply doesn't exist, or at least I've never heard or used something called a "content filter". That's why it's my answer.

    There could be an argument made for the last part of the question "networks access" because you COULD say that accessing a PC/Laptop doesn't=accessing the network. But that's actually wrong and I can easily prove it.

    So again, content filter is my answer to the question. If laptop is the answer to that question though, I would be interested in knowing who made/wrote the question
  2. On a quiz I just took.
  3. You're welcome... Even though I am pretty sure content filter is the answer, I am interested where did you get that question?
  4. Well it’s asking what ISN’T.
  5. Yea... Really thinking hard and I can't find a logical reason that would make me choose any of the first 3 options. I've made VPNs that have used at least 1 of the mentioned 3 at the same time.

    Hell, even my faculty uses it to gain access secure access to administer routers and firewalls. And laptops are obviously common because you can have an app make you a VPN tunnel and you become an end point.

    That content filter just makes no sense
  6. I see. Thanks anyway.
  7. Also for my own sake I googled what is a content filter... The results I got are definitions of attacks on Networks and what is content filtering. So no device is actually called content filter.
  8. I don't know what a content filter is, and that's most likely the correct answer. Firewalls are actually able to filter contents of packets at the Transport Layer (even up to the application layer). So I don't know the difference between the 2. And since firewalls are not one of them, neither is a content filter.

    As for laptops and routers those are definitely classic VPN points in networks
  9. What is NOT a common endpoint for a virtual private network (VPN) connection used for remote network access?
    Content filter

    I know it's not firewall, so what could it be?
  10. Sure thing shoot away. Sorry for the late reply, was out most of the day
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