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  1. Sorry I was out yesterday since 7:30 AM and only got back home at 9 PM... I was basically a zombie walking yesterday.

    What was the problem though, I am kind of interested xD
  2. It's a bit too late now. Thanks anyway though.
  3. If you're here I can help you now if you want... I just have to pray first (10 minutes)

    Ultra posted nudity/porn-ish content on the CB... This is the second time something like this happened, the first time that person got away with it (it was someone else), this is the second time... Not really fond of this stuff becoming "OK" in public CB.
  5. Yea I did Thnx I just kinda sit less and less on the PC lately.
  6. Did you see my message on Skype?
  7. I stopped going on active forums like Viz a long time ago, and my own forum is dead meat... All I have are some old friends, I already asked one of them, he isnt interested in forums anymore. I'll see what I can do about the others.

    But overall, I am not the best recruiter around, sorry But I'll try my best
  8. Recruiting
  9. External?
  10. Do you think you can help with external?
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