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  1. Prolly

    i haven't heard anything from Shun-chan at all
  2. Mizuki Kawashima's VA

    Idk. Probably a hoax
  3. Va?
  4. Her VA is getting married apparently too
  5. She's beautiful right?
  6. You mean this one?

    cause i was gonna say do you mean from CG
  7. I'm a KWSM fan in particular. Read all her work.

    Not to be confused with CG KWSM
  8. Yeah Stupid auto-correct

    you a big fan of Ichigo?
  9. Who's Yaron? Or you mean Yaraon

    Thanks for the confirm. I'm going to support this series once again, hoping it doesn't disappoint

    I'd like an I"S sequel too
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