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  1. Strange can use spells and items to achieve anti magic.

    Shes had some training. But it’s usually more physically oriented members.
  2. can Strange use anti magic as well?

    Scarlet Witch?
  3. Yeah. Anti-magic is a pretty common weapon against Strange so he’s needed to rely on it a lot. Most notable was during The Oath, where Strange cancelled magic for a minute and beat the shit out of someone.

    If they’ve been an Avenger, Cap has probably taught them.
  4. Strange knows martial arts too and he's an expert?

    who was trained by him?
  5. Depending on whoever is writing at the time one could be forgiven for assuming Wong might be the greatest of them all as Strange is an expert and Wong is his master. But he’s just a super expert. He’d give Cap a run for his money but Caap would win in the end.

    After all, Cap is so good that training by him is often listed as a superpower.

  6. how does he compare to people like Cap, technique wise?
  7. Undoubtedly. He's one of the finer martial artists of Marvel and has been shown to soundly repel others without Doctor Strange even noticing.
  8. oh

    but he can kick ass in the comics right?
  9. Because in the movie they just need him to not look like the subservient Asian butler guy I think.
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