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  1. It's about a boy, Percy Jackson, who finds out he is a demigod. He's half Greek god and half human. The concept seems a little weird, but it's a really good series. The books aren't that long either, only a few hundred pages each. I highly recommend them. I'm on the fourth book now.

    Also, remember that mentions don't work in groups. Don't forget to check the WG group as often as possible.
  2. What are they about?
  3. You should try the Percy Jackson books. They are great.
  4. Remember to check the World Government group a few times a day if possible.
  5. ​That’ll be cool. Nyx and I are tryna get the Library running.
  6. A little bit. I want to get started on the GOT books soon.
  7. Do you read books at all?
  8. Alright. I'll keep that in mind
  9. It's good so far, but in the future try to focus more on squeezing everything you can out of a few threads as opposed to creating a bunch of threads.
  10. Just so I know, am I overdoing it in the GSD section?
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