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  1. I’m doing alright.

    I’m eating healthier, exercising, trying to be happier.

  2. How are you doing nowadays, Pat?
  3. THat sounds really cool pops.

    What made you want to start?
  4. Awesome. No energy drinks is great, those are not good for you at all.

    I'm going to start Silat soon hopefully. It's an Indonesian martial art.
  5. Yes! It’s been really great.

    Also, no energy drinks in the past 3 weeks!
  6. You keeping up with your exercising?
  7. I'm trying to mention people in the yugioh thread, and i don;t think that it's working.
  8. No changes have been made to your account. What's happening exactly?
  9. I'll check.
  10. Did my ability to mention people get taken away?
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