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  1. Could be better i guess.

    been trying to take my mind off things by binge watching some shows.
  2. What's up
  3. could you open my thread in punk hazard back up now that the chapter is out?
  4. Sorry, I ‎saw your VM as I was on the way back home but then forgot. Can I still help or is it too late?
  5. Could you help me with two homework problems? Y is currently busy.
  6. Hey Pat, let's start posting in the tech thread again.
  7. It's about a boy, Percy Jackson, who finds out he is a demigod. He's half Greek god and half human. The concept seems a little weird, but it's a really good series. The books aren't that long either, only a few hundred pages each. I highly recommend them. I'm on the fourth book now.

    Also, remember that mentions don't work in groups. Don't forget to check the WG group as often as possible.
  8. What are they about?
  9. You should try the Percy Jackson books. They are great.
  10. Remember to check the World Government group a few times a day if possible.
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