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  1. Cool. I'm trying to spark some Iron fist discussion in the comics section as well.
  2. I thought I gave you multiple series for a moment.

    Sure thing. I'm about to head home first, though.
  3. Iron Fist.
  4. Shoot. What did I link you? lol
  5. Finished all the comics you linked me. Good stuff.

    Link me to some more stuff you like please. DC or Marvel is fine.

  6. Prepare to have your mind blown between great story and incredible art and scenery.


  7. Thanks
  8. Go here. Open your spirits to the Capital Cities of Heaven and let in the power.
  9. It's really enjoyable so far. Weapons constantly breaking is a little annoying, but besides that I have little complaints.
  10. How you enjoying BotW?
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