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  1. Thankfully not. We think her door must have just been unlocked. The worst part is they took a bag which had all her student teaching materials, notes, and log times which for the most part can't be replaced.
  2. Her car was broken into? That sucks. Did they break the windows or something?
  3. Replaced a speaker and car/phone link for Lady Mak as her car was broken into. lol
  4. Nice. What'd you get,if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Just wanted to let you know I finally used that Amazon gift I won all the way back in August.
  6. No problem. I'm trying to get some actual discussion going on in there and make that a regular thing.
  7. Thanks for the lively work in the History Thread. That's the sort of stuff I'm here for.

  8. I think for him it's mostly emotional. His sister just died a few days ago.
  9. Man, that sucks. Is he in lots of pain or are they managing to numb the pain?
  10. Yeah. I suspect his heart is just gonna give it out semi-randomly. He's not really eating, drinking, or moving.
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