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  1. I think for him it's mostly emotional. His sister just died a few days ago.
  2. Man, that sucks. Is he in lots of pain or are they managing to numb the pain?
  3. Yeah. I suspect his heart is just gonna give it out semi-randomly. He's not really eating, drinking, or moving.
  4. I see. Still sucks to hear. Is he conscious?
  5. Thanks. It's Lady Mak's family, actually. It's almost worse because there's really not much that can be done when they're waiting for someone to pass.
  6. Sorry to hear about your grandfather's health. Hopefully he gets better soon. Must be a hard time for your family.
  7. Start it whenever. Fair warning that’s her second series.
  8. I'll start it tonight.

    The site is actually working pretty good now, too. Not so much freezing and chugging like it used to have.
  10. You have a link by any chance?
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