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  1. Yes, ninja
  2. You sure?
  3. What's your best email?
  4. Might wanna check out Spiro's plethora of pics in that thread, where he shows a beheading by knife.

    That's where I wasn't sure if that's something for an infraction or not.
  5. Same as porn. Keep it in the 18+ and even then only if there's a good reason to post it (like a debate). If they know they're breaking the rules, ban em.
  6. Hey, what's our policy on showing actual killing?
  7. Big Booty Judy
  8. Hey, you paid for those benefits with your taxes so you should reap the benefits while you better yourself. That's the whole point of the system. So you can come back bigger and stronger.

    At least in idea that's how it's supposed to work.
  9. I filed for unemployment benefits while I'm looking for a job and finishing up school. Might as well get money in the meantime.
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