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  1. AH, ok. If he has some names that's fine.
  2. he reached me for that before, i gave him some names already

    i don't mind giving to you as well if needed, i just would make sure the members aren't asked the same thing twice
  3. Ichi and I are working on quality control stuff. PM me any members from KP you think should be blacklisted from helping out with quality control stuff.
  4. way better. After my warning there hasn't been any personal attack or evident bullying. We welcomed the MF guys and it seems they're at ease already.
  5. What's the situation in the Kingdom section atm?
  6. If that's what you think, I'll take a it of time to reflect on my actions. Constructive criticism is always good.
  7. whatever. Now he's gone wild so i don't think i can say any more to back him up

    but i want to think you're at least aware you're letting your personal opinions of people getting in the way of keeping rules fairly and equally.
  8. He tried testing me. That's what he gets.

    He's a loser and a degenerate and the site would probbaly be better off without him, but I didn't ban him cause I hate him.
  9. you banned him from ez too now?


    just how much do you hate this guy
  10. We've gone through this before. He posts questionable images, a fact everyone on the staff (and most of the forum) agrees with besides you. I'm willing to look into the matter again if he actually brings up it up, otherwise he can wallow in his own filth.
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