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  1. let me know. it might be i missed on something obvious
  2. You should be able to see everything in the chat archives. I'll double check and see if I accidentally gave myself more permissions than others.

  4. POPS
  5. From permisson groups I can click to "view members list" or something.

    Then I can remove them but idk how to add them.

    Also you (I?) might want to switch dedede with felix as group administrator
  6. Do you still happen to watch anime?

    I found one about a negotiator that's set on Pakistan for the most part. Pretty cool.
  7. ...

    thank you
  8. What's the SotM?
  9. Pops, I know you're busy and you've probably better things to do, but make this new sotm already. We're almost mid-month, Bold is nowhere to be seen, but people want to talk and discuss anyway. That's why they're here.

    Please throw away this minute to make the section.
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