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  1. Those articles were good. This is definitely someone everyone should keep themselves in the loop about.
  2. name change to Bold plz
  3. It's essentially a more volatile version of trading stocks. My mum actually does a very good job in trading stocks so I'm very tempted in joining the bitcoin bandwagon. It's definitely profitable and you should keep paying attention to it.

    Here's a couple of articles I've read on it that are decent primers
  4. I've been looking into day and swing trading. If you can understand the market you can make decent cash.

    Basically the premise is buy low, sell high. Since these things keeps going up and down, certain coins are guaranteed to go back up in value after they dip. I've been doing some research and some people make a consistent 1-5% out of their total investments a day. Doesn't sound like much, but as your investment grows that 1-5% grows too. Some people do swing trading, which is a little riskier cause you wait longer but you get more value if you do it right.

    What do you think about that? I think if you combine these tactics with holding (buying a bunch of coin and holding it) you can see some decent income.
  5. i've been reading articles about it.

    saved up some money and just waiting for the crash lol
  6. Are you doing anything with crypto?
  7. stepped out of planning and implementing now. i've been making small amounts, but need to put in a lot more time to make a reasonable wage.

    gonna dump loads of hours into it when i go on annual leave tho

  8. How is the business planning going?
  9. ya. just felt i could dedicate more time to other things.

    it's going alright. need to work harder for me to enjoy next yr tho. wbu
  10. You've been quiet lately.

    How's life?
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