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  1. Cool. Looking forward to some good discussion.

  2. ok.

    I'd have to buy the Qu'ran and read it myself to get knowledge on Islam. I have a few books I'd rather read beforehand though. It wouldn't hurt being part of the group anyhow.
  3. Why don't you join the Islamic Reminders group?

    A man should have knowledge on all the worlds main ideologies and be able to defend his own.
  4. Something like this would be fine. It fits on your doorway and can usually support up to 300 pounds. That's what I use and it has worked wonders. I'm going to make an outdoor pullup bar and dipping station soon though, so I can do more thing.

    I want to be able to do everything on that site.
  5. y'know, I've been meaning to get a good pull up bar. people always say its the best way to get strong. do you have any recommendations

    what sort of advanced calisthenics? I'd recommend the Original Strength routine to help. Builds up your resiliency and makes you more flexible which should help you with your goal
  6. I can't believe I never responded to this lol.

    I do mostly calisthenics. My goal is to be able to do all sorts of advanced calisthenics.
  7. You mean working out? It's been going alright.

    I do a routine called Original Strength and HIIT jump rope as my cardio. They both help me lose weight and gain muscle so it's solid for what it does. Also saves me time by not going to the gym. What do you do?

    Also, Mahoutsukai no Yome is the new series of the month.
  8. How's your exercise going?
  9. I've just been eating like crazy lol, but there's never enough. :/

    I'm getting started on eCommerce soon. Not sure if I should wait for a new job or not though.

    I've been studying the Charisma on Command channel, really good stuff. I had already read his book but the channel just adds so much more depth.
  10. I don't know the first thing about metabolism. Try making smoothies and juices. You can pack in a bunch of nuts, seeds, raw vegetables and fruits into one smoothie and get all the nutritional goodness. It's also a good way to have raw free range eggs since they'll end up tasteless. Since the smoothie will be liquid it'll also be absorbed into your body quicker and its less taxing on your digestive system. You can drink them alongside your meals to help fill you up more. And if you're making a green juice, you can add like 1 tsp of Wheatgrass powder, raw & organic Barley Grass, tumeric root powder, spirulina powder and ginger root powder. Do that and you'll be packing TONS of nutrition into just a few drinks.

    Good luck. I haven't read much on eCommerce, but I'm gonna make niche sites. You could definitely make a few hundred off that every month so long as you find the right niche.
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