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  1. Not a bad idea.

    Keep me updated.
  2. Theme games are a really good way to bridge this gap. For example - I started playing bnha after Ink;s game, and regulars of the bnha either played or got interested in playing at some point.

    Y is set to host a fate game soon. We'll continue to encourage more theme games that tie into our sections and subsections.
  3. I see. do you think there's any danger of it collapsing under its own weight? A concern of mine is that the rest of the forum might not be able to keep up with the demands of Mafia. I want mafia and the rest of the site to feed into one another, each strengthening the other.
  4. Well, hard to say as of right now, since we're still in the only game since the changeover

    but we've got some newcomers in this game like alias so that's a good sign

    The only problem I think we're having is congestion from TOO MUCH interest, we've got 5 or 6 people ready to host games. We've got a line of game mods until the holidays and after.

    We don't QUITE have enough activity to host two games at once, so there's kind of some congestion in one game alone, but we'll get to two at a time probably at some point.

    For now I'll think of ways we can improve the process of players signing up for games with X
  5. How has mafia been going since the change?
  6. Got it captain
  7. I know I don't have to tell you, but for the sake of formality: Prioritize the Mafia section but still work on the Cafe here and there.
  8. Cool
  9. Yeah, I already talked to the staff about it.
  10. didya see it
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