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  1. Are you feeling better?
  2. Sick but still doing TMF work.

    Get well soon.
  3. I can make another one tomorrow

    I'm sick as a dog rn
  4. What day did you wanna start the history topic of the week thing? Every Monday? Sunday? Wednesday?
  5. good so far. What we need is a more concrete idea of what our goals are. Now that I started work I have a good idea of how busy I'll be.

    I suggest making a thread in the council. We can discuss and sorta has things out.
  6. How am I doing
  7. Topic of the week sounds good. And yeah I agree with the directory idea.
  8. And like I said we can have a directory in the OP of the generals thread for these topics as we go along
  9. I think topic of the month is too sparse for topics like that since people are less familiar with them.

    Good thing about history is that there's a lot of it, I think we can do a topic of the week instead as long as they have their own respective thread.

    I'll start off with the Opium Wars as our first topic, I'll contribute as I read about it myself.
  10. There's really been no discussion as of late, so we can start wherever. The last topic I tried to get everyone to talk about was the First Opium War.

    What do you think about the history topic of the month idea? We had one about the Sengoku Jidai and it was good for a bit then kinda fizzled out. I think that's specific enough.
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