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  1. Tepic is from my neighborhood,good lad(although I never liked him as basketball player).As for Milutinov it's good that he stayed,becasue has to polish his skill little bit more before he can go to the NBA.
  2. I remember Tepic,he had potential but he never lived up to it.Milutinov is great.I'm glad he didn't leave.
  3. Our basketball club suck for many years,but we had famous players that played for us like:Gurovic(red star legend),Tepic(played for Panatinaikos),Kalinic(Fenerbahce).Also Nikola Milutinov is from my city.
  4. I remember Olympiakos getting a football player from Vojvodina.Do you guys have any good basketball player ?
  5. Nope.I support local club from Novi Sad Vojvodina,but I also follow lots of Euro basket and NBA(now less).
  6. Of course,basketball is my favorite sport.Are you a fan of Red Star ? I hope we make it to the final 4 next year so that I can visit Serbia
  7. I am for Serbia.Do you follow Oly basketball club,Great Team lead by Spanoulis.
  8. Olympiakos,I live close to the team's stadium.Where are you from ?
  9. Do you support any Greek football/baskeball club?
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