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  1. Thanks.I'll check out the fanart thread.
  2. That's all I could find:

    Feel free to check a thread where I posted quite a lot of avatars, maybe there is one you'd like.
  3. Jorm, could you find a Gilgamesh avatar for me?
    I'm not finding anything good myself.
  4. ok
  5. Hope I'm not annoying you, but could make another request?
  6. Thanks.
  7. There you go, a few patterns:

    If you'll ever want to make an avatar on your own, make sure to read this thread. It's easy.
  8. One made out of that panel.
  9. Do you want an avatar made out of this panel or do I need to find some other images?
  10. Arthur

    The words aren't necessary. .
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