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  1. pretty good, i'm impressed. probably not something i would've found on my own, either. definitely appreciate the new song <3
  2. Have a feeling you might like this song, teo-kun
  3. no problem buddy
  4. oh, it didn't have much to do with music i just needed help deciding on what my next name change was gonna be lol

    appreciate it guapo
  5. Clout Cobain-sama

    He has the cooler name, Idk these artist tho
  6. quick

    lightning round

    no hesitation

    'bootleg boy' or 'clout cobain'?

    the people need answers, allara

    all the pressure
  7. thank you
  8. Congratz and welcome to being a contributor
  9. thx for all of your votes dude. appreciate it
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