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  1. same to you boss man
  2. merry christmas vro, best to you
  3. for sure, hella glad i stumbled on his page
  4. checked him out, the guy has talent
  5. much appreciated fam, going to ask Rohan if he can bless me with his talent
  6. there's this guy on instagram named robopeezy. makes a lot of really dope art like this. made my avatar too.

    can most definitely use it as for your avatar.
  7. damn, that's mad dope. where did you find this?
    you don't mind if a brother uses this as an avatar right?
  8. thought you might dig this piece

  9. that ava matches with the color chief
  10. for sure, the kid's a prodigy

    hope he doesn't pull a myst on us
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