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  1. Is there enough proof to assume vaporization for Igneel's roar?
    The heat was felt by everyone on the battlefield, it was fire, and the ground was charred afterwards. What do you think?
  2. Alright, I'll create a thread then. Legitimately interested in the possible counter points to this.
  3. i'd agree, but i honestly can't remember all the arguments against the idea. i might just be forgetting a damning detail that conflicts with the scaling. however, i do know that it's never been accepted before on any platform i'm aware of.

    might be worth making a thread about it in the meta tho.
  4. Hmm, but wouldn't travelling through lightning and knowing the point you're travelling to grant MHS reactions? Otherwise Laxus wouldn't be able to appear right in front of Hades
  5. there were a lot of discussions, and that mhs scaling for pre-skip ft characters was pretty consistently denied.

    was a situation kinda like kizaru's with his circumstantial light speed movement, iirc.

    think it was precht's perceived inability to react to it that ultimately led to the idea being thrown out. consensus was that he could only reach mhs speeds by traveling through natural lightning, and he couldn't otherwise consistently apply that to his regular combat speed.

    as far as i remember, at least.
  6. Hey, I have a question. Shouldn't PreSkip FT characters scale to MHS at least in reactions, given that Laxus could travel as lightning? He traveled as a real lightning bolt towards Hades, and he could react to where he arrives. This would also mean that his lightning body is MHS as well.
    I remember there being a lot of discussions before, but never really heard about the outcome
  7. Yeah, of course. I was interested in your opinion, which is why I asked about it. I think the whole gildarts - hades scaling situation is unclear, so wanted to hear your stance on it, that's all.
  8. yeah, my bad for the confusion. in my experience his 'devils eye' and his heart are generally seen as one in the same since his heart being destroyed took away all of his abilities.

    but yeah, feel everything would scale as you said.

    franmalth wouldn't discredit hades' strength, no.

    also, gildarts had the upper-hand on bluenote, and ultimately ended up one-shotting him when he regained his magic. that said, it's not like my word is law or anything; it's just my take on everything. could totally argue otherwise if you feel you have points that'd contradict what my stance.
  9. Also, but Gildarts matched Bluenote and base hades should be stronger than bluenote
  10. Oooh, you mean his Devil's Eye powerup.
    Also, fair point about gildarts, never thought about it.
    So basically then Gildarts should scale to Jellal, while Base Hades scales to wherever he is(small city I think) and his "devil's heart" also scales to jellal.
    Also, didn't franmalth use Hades's soul against natsu? Would this discredit hades being that strong in any way?
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