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  1. Got lazy on some of them tho, especially the rax ones cuz i didnt have the resources on my laptop.

    The final was actually us versus alex and yoshi. They threw in the towel
  2. Yeah you've got better for sure, the thread against alex and yoshi was pretty lulzy

    Did you boys end up beating poopy and crispy in the final?
  3. The tag team poster tournament would have been fun, I imagine you're pretty good at photoshopping now since I was on here last time. The dupe reveal sounds funny reminds me of the halloween dupe day in 2016 if you remember that
  4. you missed quite a lot of golden moments then. type wars and heston wars was great, there was a little tag team poster tournament that had some moments, and you missed 2018's biggest dupe reveal

    yeah, it was Prison School's Nardo or Bleach war arc.

    ikr, we didn't even get to see if Hana and Kiyoshi hooked up
  5. Last time I was on, was around early 2017 so for quite a while.

    I agree with the cavalry battle, it was the beginning of the end of the series. I still haven't read an arc that badly paced before, and it still doesn't make much sense to me as the series was still pretty successful up to that point it's like he either burnt out or didn't have fun with it anymore. The ending was pretty disappointing as the series went full-circle with chiyo becoming what her sister was in the original arc. The most frustrating part was we never got to see the wet t-shirt contest after the build-up during the series
  6. I think you missed some juicy things, when was the last time you were on?

    kinda made me mad tbh. it was going downhill ever since the cav battle arc but the ending was so trollishly terrible. hey said there was going to be an epilogue of sorts in april, but that was even more disappointing. what are your thoughts?
  7. I can relate to an extent, being a bit indecisive regarding some important parts of my life. Apart from that I'm pretty good. Did I miss much from the time I was away here? Also what were your thoughts on Prison school ending so abruptly?
  8. I think I'm at a crossroads in my life but other than that, same ol' grind. how about you?
  9. I thought I'd pop in once in a while to see how things were going. How's life been treating you?
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