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  1. Just because you're a mod doesnt make you better than everybody else.
    Curb your forum elitism, you're a bottom feeder here.

    I may be the cancer of the forum but at least I dont get ridiculed by literally everybody. Even Rax doesnt get it as bad as you.

    You're over.
  2. k
  3. We all have our ways. I'm a hardass, and I've come to accept it.

    tbh I doubt you'll believe this but with truth, I'm not really angry on tmf. I'm just calmly doing this and it's your perception. Or are you claiming every emote you're putting out there reflects your feelings? we're all desensitized by posting online. 90% if one would only see my face they would just see me looking at my keyboard, back at my screen, and all I'd have is a normal face.

    It'd be covered in hair of course but underneath there's me.
  4. sounds like a fucking ordeal to me bro. I get that some people are fucking annoying as shit but do you really have to make it your sworn duty to tangle with them every time they say something stupid? Its like saying NO! every time a dog barks. If its fruitless, why do it?

    not really but you could be so fucking chill if you weren't such a hardass, its just a bit disappointing.
  5. Maybe it's my vice to constantly be meaner to some people. maybe when I see stuff done I don't like I point it out, and since I know my efforts are fruitless, it means I can do it forever.

    What's your issue with it? you care?
  6. u know if u just eased the fuck up you'd have a lot more fun right
    ur really fixated on creating drama and honestly i cant figure out why

    maybe you just like to be at constant odds with people
    maybe you're venting

    you seem like a good dude when you're not freaking out about the littlest things so why not show that side of you more?

    guess some people were just born to hate
  7. You do know I'd treat you the same if we were, right?
  8. why cant weeee be friends

  9. I feel like we have this talk about 2 times a year.

    might want to check on that. make it a tradition.
  10. why so uptight

    ease up
    get a massage
    you're such a pain these days, did something happen?
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