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  1. Stereotype's tend to be based on characteristics that repeatable show themselves, so it's not that surprising. Shit it's probably easier for girls to fall into online stereotypes just because of the mob mentality of thirsty nerds.

    I would say A- Tits, B- Face, D- Ass
  2. yeah It's like a stereotype that gets proven each time.

    I remember, but I recall Meandola's tits were better.

    Never catched any nudes tho.
  3. B man, dude just say no to any girl online, you know they got issues. It sucks because you can't even really be friends with them because most of them manipulate and use people.

    I can't really talk tho, I use to spend a lot of time on the internet caring about what people thought of me. Shit even IRL I was always trying to outshine people and make sure everyone knew I existed.

    Still 98% of me being an asshole is just because it's fun, not because I hate someone, and I feel like "cake" was the other way around. She was 98% a bitch who hid behind a wall of sadboi's on the internet with fake nicety as her personality.

    Dude you remember big ol tits Tsukki on OC? The one Sin had a crush on, bro, now that's a real story about a black widow if I've ever heard one. I'll need to tell it to you sometime.
  4. Man... Crystal Castles... I remember when Cake posted that Go Ask Alice mix somewhere. it started this. not at first though. It took me 5-6 tries getting through it. I used to dislike parts of it, but I grew to appreciate the finer nuances.

    last good memory of her I have. rest is tainted basically.
  5. Dark

    Some would say it's in my DNA, hah GODDEM

    kill me
  6. Somehow I knew you'd enjoy it.
  7. You should check them out, I think you would like them since you like CC.

    DUDE thank you for reminding me. I actually was planning on binging that. I think I had watched around 6 episodes and then had to go out of town and never picked it up because busy.

    I really enjoyed how dark it was. Lot's of science in it too, like how the belters could be tortured by earth's gravity, people going crazy in space and stomping in dirt to remind them of earth. Shit's intense, going to pick it up after I finish this 3rd season of animal kingdom.
  8. Never heard of any of them.

    You should watch Expanse. it's Sci-fi, starts pretty mediocre, but general of rule of thumb is to watch first 4 episodes, and then it's up for you to continue.

    if my word is worth anything, it's worth to continue.

    the plot/premise is Earth has colonized Mars, and some asteroid belts. Stuff has been going on for so long that Mars has autonomy, shows the middle finger to Earth, there's a Cold War situation basically. Mars has better gear, Earth has a bigger fleet. Earth doesn't want Mars to TerraForm, Mars wants total independence.

    the Belt(asteroids) is filled with dirtpoor slums and beggars, delivering precious minerals and water to both sides. So basically it's trying to become its own faction whilst getting cucked by both Planets.

    The story follows James Holden, Earth guy, there are others, but I won't name them. A strange event sets up the story and the backdrop is the rising tensions between the two factions.
  9. Crazy that the first girl from CC stated that he molested and pretty much raped her, still like the music tho. You know, even with the cuddle struggle involved.

    Yeah man I've been there, homeless for around 3-4 months. Still I just work, smoke weed, hang out, smoke more weed, music, video games (Ps4) and acid or shrooms here and there. You ever listen to

    Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All

    Clams Casino (Any song)

    Chrome Sparks


    Yeah a few for me too actually. Preacher, Legion, American Gods, West World, Handsmaid's tale. Been a decent year for tv shows really. Avengers and Deadpool 2 was pretty cool, but I feel like Venom and the next Spawn coming out by Blumhouse is going to be sick af.
  10. That's nice dear.

    Yeah, I'm still finlandese, broke but surviving thanks to that welfare. I feel bad tho, I'm definitely looking for jobs while I study.

    I'm more mature in knowing I'm still immature I suppose as well. learning to not take anything granted is a life-lesson. I set myself up for failure only seeking out one path for success.

    I'm keeping my games pretty much what I've had for years, Started few new series in terms of tv and movies, and relatively still the same Crystal Castles/MGMT chiller I was.
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