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  1. Thanks!!!!

    I just hung out with some friends, was actually busy until the night, and than we all went out and hit the town. Had a great night. My mom made me a lot of good food yesterday too.
  2. Btw, just saw that it was your birthday quite recently, so HB Allara

    Did anything special for the occasion ?
  3. GL with that brother
  4. Haven't had a decent lead in a month and the last girl I asked to lunch began to ignore me afterwards

    Going back to school soon though, so should meet some new people
  5. I think we have quite a good chemestry and she looks better irl. She looks quite juvenile and since she's 1.58m tall it makes her look quite young and fragile as well, which I kinda like. But on the other hand she's quite the character as well, which is required for long time relations I think (at least for me. I don't like easy).

    Any news from the other side of the ocean ?
  6. glad its going well

    how do you like her so far?
  7. I kissed the girl (after a 8 hours long rendez vous )

    We see again on friday.
  8. Tomorrow at 4 pm
  9. lol, so when's the date with her?
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