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  1. I would LOVE that of course ! I'd give you mine to read in exchange but it's in french so ... But yeah I'd like to read your work for a novel
  2. would you like to read an excerpt from the novel I'm writing?
  3. What's so special with the perspective adopted ?

    As for the many references, the more you read different works the more you should get those so you still have some bit of time before being able to get everything there is to take out of a read. (I do as well of course, maybe even to a greater degree since I barely read these days )
  4. Yeah Joyce. I'm a few chapters in and it seems very worth it. Its a very difficult read though, Joyce makes so many references to other works of literature and philosophy a lot of the stuff flies over my head. The way the perspective works is a bit tricky at first too, but it seems to be something you get more and more used to as you read the novel.
  5. The Joyce one ? It's on my wishlist Have you ? Was I right to put it on my wishlist ?
  6. Not related, but have you read the novel Ulysses?
  7. I've become so pessimist of tmf in this regard that i nearly didn't post in the thread lol. I've given up on the battle to prove the obvious

    I even have philosophy professors that haven't come as far as your statement in that thread
  8. I know I just stated the obvious, but for some people it might be necessary
  9. Thanks!!!!

    I just hung out with some friends, was actually busy until the night, and than we all went out and hit the town. Had a great night. My mom made me a lot of good food yesterday too.
  10. Btw, just saw that it was your birthday quite recently, so HB Allara

    Did anything special for the occasion ?
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