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  1. Heart told me to put you in a Game playthrough I'm doing.

    You will appear this week, been a mild hiatus with all this end of the year stuff.

    After that, music tournaments, Episode Tournaments? Movie Theme Tournaments? Who knows

  2. I'll try to be an active part of your section then
  3. Good, good.

    I'm going to make entertainment filled with more tournaments!
  4. It does. Since my only defeat to Fab I've won 10 times in a row though, but all the talk comes first from me talking big doesn't it

    How are you btw ?
  5. Pride cometh before the fall
  6. Well the old man is mumbling a lot. But keep your ears ready!
  7. Only a second episode of it. I like to take it slow with my series ;) (and this one is a short series if I understood correctly, so I'd like not to finish it too fast !). But it is really good ! Only problem I have is getting what some characters are saying (the old man I had trouble with for example).
  8. Have you watched more of the miniseries?
  9. Thanx !
  10. Happy Birthday!
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