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  1. I believe Hitler was right.
  2. You weren't ? But you do realize Houhon being gay or not certainly has nothing to do with the way his father treats him, and since you're not an idiot, it should be a way for you to try to disturb people, aye ?
  3. I was not trolling. Respect your mature answer tho.
  4. I don't think so but even though I don't get your point. I'm not really doing this to make you lose rep, who cares about that really, I just want you to realize you should use proper language and try not to troll too much, and that's my way of telling you, via negs
  5. Your neg is worth a fifth of mine.
  6. ?
  7. 25 points total. Hahahaaaaa.
  8. Lol you didn't hurt my feelings. You're just an idiot, and I try to neg them all, though I have not enough with 5 negs a day here <3
  9. Did I hurt your gay feelings. Good.
  10. Xen needs you.
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