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  1. Yeah that's what I meant by I wasn't feeling it lmao. I meant my responses felt contrived, not yours
  2. i s-see...

    now who's been pulling the contrived banter??
  3. I'm not even a fan of Part 3. Either the weakest or second weakest Part out of the 4 I've seen. And as for OPM, I don't even read it. I've only watched S1
  4. i can stretch it for banter or discussion's sake, but i do mean what i say. About jojo and opm as well
  5. Lmao, nah, I was just gonna go about my business, but I noticed that you didn't try to justify your argument with an authoritative appeal to, well, yourself, when most would have and I thought that was cool so I just wanted to tell ya.

    Most of that stuff you could tell was super contrived anyway. Good banter's gotta be spontaneous.
  6. don't be like this, zu. It'll make it harder to hardcore banter you next time lol

    that one time i mentioned specializing on it was to reply someone asking specifically what kind of education i had to talk about ML. Didn't mean to use it as an ipse dixit justification of my point and i find hideous when people do that. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  7. Getting away from all the tomfoolery, I appreciate that you actually tried to explain it to me instead of just going "I specialize in it, shut up!".

    You're a good dude
  8. i don't have the vaguest shred of a clue

  9. Then what was GM even talking about

  10. no

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