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  1. I mean, compared to other people still in the process of learning it, yours is quite good
  2. Yeah, I hope so.

    On a serious note, I don't think my English is that bad. The only thing I'm struggling with (just a little bit) are articles and probably pronunciation as I rarely have a conversation in English. I'm still learning, so don't bully me, Zu.
  3. Ahahahaha. You might also be able to say Za Warudo right as well!
  4. I hope I'll be able to be as good as Joseph Joestar when it comes to pronunciation. HORRY SHIEEET!!!!!
  5. It happens. And, yes, I will teach you. Soon you will become the master of da Engrish!
  6. I might read the rules and join the game later on. I was supposed to play a couple weeks ago, but my laziness was killing me. Yeah, my Engrish is a problem. I have to use google translate in order to translate every single word, because I'm dumb as fuck and can't understand anything. You need to become my teacher, Zu.
  7. You just gotta find scum. It's just using deductive reasoning and what not. You read what people have to say and then determine whether that makes them scummy or not. You really learn the most though if you just play a game. Though, you not knowing Engrish might be a problem
  8. I don't know how.
  9. Wanna play some Mafia
  10. Yeah, I'll get to it.
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