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  1. you got that right homie
  2. there’s nothing you can’t handle bruv
  3. that's good to hear, i'll look into it later on if there are still vacancies in the nominations

    school has been going great, it was pretty stressful during the first few weeks of october though, but nothing i can't handle.
  4. yeah ph doing good, need a couple more panels to start the favorite attack panel tourney.
    how are your studies?
  5. thanks my G, everything good with the PH?
  6. welcome back fam, the heavens missed you
  7. the admins are sleeping on it
  8. I'm making it my personal mission to see sparklygaygay go through.
  9. bruh, I can't read your vm's on my phone
  10. still waiting on efege, , thankss for participating bro

    I’m probably going to mix some character vs character topics with more heated topics later on
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