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  1. the admins are sleeping on it
  2. I'm making it my personal mission to see sparklygaygay go through.
  3. bruh, I can't read your vm's on my phone
  4. still waiting on efege, , thankss for participating bro

    I’m probably going to mix some character vs character topics with more heated topics later on
  5. Finally finished up the debate

    I'm down to participate again, but next time give an easier topic
  6. you’re right.
  7. you should also mention the judges so that they'll be notified that the rapid fire phase is now ongoing
  8. ok, that's good to hear

    can't wait for the rebuttal phase
  9. my guy.

    depends on how fast you guys will end each phase
  10. when do you estimate will the closing phase start?
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