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  1. I'm blessed and yourself?
  2. How are you ?
  3. Gin sannnn, get me in the ToG discord
  4. thanks man and night night
  5. Sent ya the link anyways i gotta head off to sleep and enjoy reading it lol xD
  6. hit me up
  7. Noblesse was good though looking at it now it doesn't quite match the standards it once had and it does drag for a series that feels its nearing its end

    ToG mafia i can link you it (it's also the forum that gets One Piece spoilers before AP so Oro Jackson) as i know one was hosted on MangaHelpers
  8. Oh you're in the discord chat? that's nice man. I read Noblesse as well.

    Raizel, Frankenstein are my fav characters.

    Yo, a Tower of God mafia sounds good.
  9. I was into Noblesse and she told me i remind her of "Baam" (a side not found my old UN its Baam lol) thats how i got into ToG then another user Immortal King he kept pestering me about creating a ToG mafia round which i did

    I use to read them off Reddit/Batoto/NF and now i get them direct from Discord via Cletus the guy that translates them
  10. ah I remember cake, she's been MIA for a while but comes back everytime.

    you read the spoilers on mangahelpers?
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