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  1. i think u should confront him

    and dont let it bother u not all autists are the same
  2. I deleted it because I thought it would bait COV.

    Basically I was too late to reply to COV's thread. But there's no way he has aspergers. I have somewhat severe aspergers (mild autism), yet I make much better posts here. If he does have autism, he'd have a more severe version of it than just aspergers, which is the most mild version.
  3. what did u delete yoshi nigga
  4. its my water mayne
    i buried it underground for safe keeping and now i found it

    dont eat them though, not sure if that safe
  5. What water?

    Good. I'm on vacation and I'm getting guinea pigs after that.
  6. i is okay, finally found the water

    how bout u yoshi nig
  7. Hey, I saw you online yesterday. How've you been?
  8. damn that kenshi nigga really messed u up didnt it

    hes pure satanic evul
  9. I'm glad you agree man. It has so much potential.
  10. a dbz section here would be great
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