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  1. I see. I actually don't like those labels lol but sometimes you have to use them to differentiate yourself from certain beliefs.
  2. Just saw your islam thread and got curious. I'm well informed on Islam as around 60% of population in my country of origin practice it.
  3. Why'd you ask if I was Sunni or Shiite? Just curious?
  4. Thanks for the rep points PoPs.
  5. Agreed. Often time we feel our posts are going nowhere, but even if they don't have the immediate effect we want they still have a long term effect on what people think. You just have to be persistent and keep at it.
  6. True, I think our arguments were overall solid and hopefully might've cleared things on some topics inside the tread. Towards the end it was getting pointless as they were the same arguments as five pages ago simply repeated back.
  7. No problem. For what it's worth, I think the thread was beneficial in that it allowed us to showcase logical arguments. Even if the actual discussion was going nowhere.
  8. Thanks, PoPs. We weren't getting anywhere like that. Appreciate it.
  9. I've locked the thread.
  10. Hey PoPs, is there a way to lock threads? I feel that Kaido vs Whitebeard one has gone for a little too far. Everyone is basically just repeating the same arguments back and forth. Your help would be much appreciated.
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