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  1. We should all communicate with everyone part of this simultaneously about what we want to do. Do you think we could use that World Government group?
  2. Thanks brother
  3. Yeah, I totally get it. I have no problem with it whatsoever.
  4. I'd prefer if you did, if you don't mind. It shows more of an effort from the community. You know, kind of a bottom-up approach. Coming from me it'd be just another order.
  5. Will you VM them or I will have that honor?
  6. Pacifista and GP.
  7. Yeah, I haven't notified anyone else. Zu was in
    You got any suggestions?
  8. Honestly, I think you can.

    How many people do we have on board for Project Phoenix besides Tyrion and Nightfall? just you and Zu?
  9. Is it me or you can actually rate how good the section is doing by counting the number of hestons used in threads?
  10. "Project Phoenix"-The rebirth of Punk Hazard
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