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  1. Could you find out who The Sunset is, please? Pretty sure he's a dupe.
  2. I don't think I have what it takes to be average
  3. Don't make permanent decisions based off of emotions. Emotions are usually only temporary, whereas decisions are forever. When you let your feelings play a part in your actions you succumb to negativity and immaturity. Always be fair and objective, because doing the right thing will ALWAYS produce the best results.
  4. The Western way of parenting makes no sense. Often times when sexuality comes up and someone's mom and dad find out their son/daughter is gay, they go the politically correct way and say, "hey, none of my business". Yet what they fail to understand is that what your child does with their life IS your business. Funnily enough, these same types of people will preach about open mindedness and how you should accept other people's lifestyles and opinions, yet when someone with the opposite viewpoint comes up they go against them.
  5. You can message me whenever. Especially now that I don't have a job.
  6. I feel like we haven't talked as much lately.
  7. In terms of how your favor the Straw Hats is he closer to the top or the bottom?
  8. ​He's alright. Needs more development.
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