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  1. I wanted to know why the background of this web page I'm working on isn't showing up as white.
  2. I've studied it, but it's been a while. Why?
  3. Do you have any experience with HTML/CSS?
  4. Yeah, because I always considered modesty important. I thought for sure the Quran discussed this in more detail, hell even for the reasons I mentioned.
  5. No. The basis is just that God said so. Now, if you wanna discuss possible wisdom's behind the commands that's another thing.
  6. Damn, that's pretty strict. Going back to your message earlier, what is the basis for this? Is it cause modesty leaves a lot up to imagination and anything but will lead to men pursuing their animalistic instinct as you said?
  7. For girls it should cover the whole leg (not including the feet and stuff). For guys technically below the knees is alright.
  8. So as long as it's below the knees, it's okay?
  9. Yeah, can't show that much skin. For guys too technically.
  10. So would a dress that is just barely above the knees be haram?
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