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  1. Wait, who was Neon again? Oh goodness, can't believe Illumi is a member
  2. Assuming the spoilers are true, Hisoka killed off Neon so Chrollo can't use Lovely Ghostwriter anymore

    & Illumi is revealed as being the newest Troupe member
  3. Oh yeah? Looks like I'm gonna need to catch up again. What happened?
  4. Bruh, the HxH spoilers are insane
  5. Haha it's okay if you don't, man. It looks goods. I'll definitely tell you when I start it.
  6. Let me know whenever you get around to starting Lucifer. Could probably stand to give you a more in depth description of what it's like, but mehhh. I'll do it before I head to bed tonight
  7. I await the final scrolls
  8. So, uh, think I could grab those soonish?
  9. Lol yeah
  10. I forgot to send those chapters last night, didn't I
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