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  1. Chapter 65
  2. What about the other Shifters like Eren and Annie?
  3. Most Colossus Titans are city block+ with supersonic reactions and they can suicide to create a mcb level explosion. Levi is supersonic+ & either small building or building level

    All the soldiers who can use the gear are superhuman, so they'd beat fma's fodder
  4. What's AoT at?
  5. It'd just be a multiplier, which is fine as long as we get a specific number. Don't think it works in this instance though as Pouf doesn't scale to Netero's speed

    I think Chaos might try and work something out for Meruem's feat of crossing multiple kilometers before Youpi & Pouf had even realized he had left the room they were in
  6. Yeah

    But wait, that would be stacking, no?
  7. Hmmm you referring to Meruem bring three times faster than Pouf?
  8. Was just wondering, does Chaos' calc mean Post-Rose Meruem is Mach 900...?
  9. Yo, just checked it
  10. Check your messages in the chat box
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