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  1. My little brother did the opposite of try to kill himself like most children, and instead actively tried to murder us.
  2. I know

    She is my daughter so she's to intelligent for that
  3. cute

    they are cute until they start exploring and constantly try to murder themselves am I right?
  4. She can say papa, mama and a lot of anime character names such doraemon as duramon or hamtaro as hamaro

    She can walk assited by funiture but not by herself
  5. wittle baby! Has she started talking yet? Or trying to walk?
  6. about 6 months
  7. How old is she now?
  8. Not really i'm used to kids and have taken care of babies since a young age so it's eh

    Not really just been at home with her
  9. are you learning anything new about yourself?
    any fun experiences to share about the baby?
  10. Hard
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