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  1. hawk the goat
  2. that hawk ava
  3. Ah. :/

    Well, credits go to Void for that.

    I recommend playing the Zero series though.
  4. just thought that set looked dope tbh lol

    haven't played megaman in like 10 years
  5. My boy, you like Megaman?
  6. Thanks.

    How have you been?
  7. oh shit wb bro
  8. You should.

    Well, that's accurate praising, I hope. It's up there with Berserk, only with less rape and mass-murdering.
  9. i don't read that, actually.

    though i've heard plenty of good about it.
  10. Ah, I see. Yeah, it looks kind of "right", doesn't it?

    You read Vagabond?
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