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  1. Thanks
  2. just kidding bolid

    have fun!
  3. Nope. We don't call them like that.

    Although what can you expect. At least a third of the vocabulary is derived from latin.
  4. is it an habit of your people using our words to describe your own landmarks
  5. Albanian alps and riviera
  6. where are you going again
  7. I might come back a changed person. They don't call those alps "The Accursed Mountains" for no reason.
  8. damn

    it's such a long time i won't even remember who you are by the time you come back
  9. Whitebolid will log out of Instagram, disable all notifications from Whatsapp, get banned from TMF and I'll just enjoy my vacations.

    (Might also workout a lil bit. I'm starting to fall behind. As always during the summers.)
  10. you gotta be kidding me

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