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  1. it'll be worth it, considering we're heading to some major season 5 finale stuff now.

    the music of this show
  2. I think you've given me that one before.

    If I got some time tonight I'll check it out. Thanks.
  3. hmm, no site I'd particularly recommend, but is alright.

    they're all going to be filled with popup ads. such is life
  4. I'm not exactly sure. I want to say middle of last year, but it was off season when I dropped cable.

    Any sites you'd recommend?
  5. use a site to watch it on mobile.

    where'd you drop off exactly? I have to say, season 4 and 5 had some disappointing middle arcs, but now we just got the reveal to overthrow other reveals. so I'm fully onboard the hype train again
  6. That I do. You and I were talking about it before you went to the Service. I think Reptile also knows of it, though I'm not sure if he watches it.

    I cut out cable a while back so I haven't been able to keep up.
  7. It's by the creator of Steven Universe, you know of that right? or was mammal only other one...

    anyway, got back into it now, and oh boy, new episodes this week
  8. I've never seen that before.

    Good stuff. Thanks.
  9. 44 is a crap number to divide.

    come on, reach into your posse. I know you have someone.
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