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  1. still deciding, need to see more, but right now she's above Hina

    i like bartenders

    anzu a best tho

    even if she hangs out with communists
    shes my commie
  2. where does hitomi stand
  3. I change my mind

  4. alright

    but i want more soon
  5. yes. no. depends.

    just watch hinamatsuri
  6. yeah, i saw that, says the manga has been going since 2010

    the fight secquences are so good

    the animation is great

    probably gonna read it after

    got anything else for me crispers
  7. it's fresh from this season, just finished iirc. They left grounds for a second season later on though

    you should read it after the anime if you like it
  8. watching

    crispy praise
    is it still going? should I read it after the anime?
  9. reading or watching?

    it's a great read and the manga's more complete than the anime, but anime is a gem too. It's the best adaption i've seen of a manga i read beforehand
  10. woah this is pretty good
    how come I've never heard about this

    Hina real cute
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