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  1. Or blackstars mach 500000 madara
  2. I'm down
  3. Akira was the biggest nnt pusher i ever seen.meli can fc galactus energie beams
    Cov is his own tier.lets make a fan group about him
  4. lol, agreed COV is funny, people saying he replaced Akira
    I try to help him sometimes
  5. I hope you dont mean cov.the guy is funny as fuck "type of spiritual energie".classic cov.its good that tmf dont have idiots like cosmicknight and chibi.but the one piece wank is...not more funny
  6. Yo, whatsup with ya these day? besides laughing at idiots
  7. Noizyflow!!!
  8. wow, lol yeah thats some badass wankery XD
  9. Lightspeed kizaru who beats eos sasuke
    akainu whi is on rs level
    planetlevel wb
    and more
  10. He is a wanker? I did not know he wanked XD
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