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  1. Next Verse will be...?NNT?Dragon Ball?FT(yeah lol)?

    I still remember Relativistic Bleachverse

    Or the next Upgrade will be OP again with Continentlevel Clowns like Jinbei
  2. It got to the point where vsbattles went from being partially reliable to completely unreliable...
  3. This Acnoprofile...

    Lose vs Aokiji and Inconclusive vs Law

    And Natsu have 7 Losses and 1 win

    Toneri is now Relativistic in attack speed
  4. My God... Not only doesn't this add up by THEIR profiles (Country level vs Large Country Level), but this is BS either way.

    No wonder I quitted vsBattles.
  5. Look at this The FT hate on VSBW is over 9000

    here is the link.For now we have only 3 Profiles but hey,the page is new
  7. Yeah,just help us with UBD-Wiki
  8. Well, vsbattles always had huge OP bias. The problem is, that this OP bias ruins the OP tiering itself. It doesn't make any sense anymore, and has 0 credibility.

    At least FT is kinda ok on that forum. Granted, they scale all the low tiers to city level cause "why not?"
    But yeah, it's funny how they say "Naruto verse is our weak spot in the forum since we haven't revised it yet". Cause I'm pretty sure Bleach and OP are far worse. I'm also pretty sure that after the revision Naruto verse won't make any sense either

    So yeah, I've given up on vsbattles.
  9. Yeah,i see it.Multi-Continentlevel Monster-Aizen WTF?.Countrylevel Jinbei

    I think this dudes have lost their mind.I mean,Jinbei is now equal to Whitebeard

    I cant take this page Serious anymore.

    Funny,this LordAizenSama told you:"FT Fans crys now 24/7".Lel,but when YOU told this to Member XYZ...Bäm,warning Nr.1.

    Law vs Acnologia is even more worse.FFS,Acno punch in his face or blast him to Hell
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