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  1. Psh, don't I know it. Each day ends before it begins, basically. And it's only going faster. Forums are nice but yeah, it seems that it just wanes as real world responsibilities continue to stack up. It's staggering to see how many posts I've made since I joined here. If I joined up a few years ago, I doubt I'd have even a quarter of the posts that I've racked up now.

    Anyway, those classes sound really interesting. Tech is always pushing ahead (well, at least it should be---certain developments and lack of proper educational and scientific funding kind of stymies that) and preparing to be a part of it is super sweet. What're some of the new applications and things that you're learning that have really captured your interest?
  2. i've been cutting down the time of forum chilling as well, i guess it's just natural with work and responsibilities adding one on top of the other, isn't it. And time is flowing so fast the older i get, that stopping to think about it it's no less than frightening

    yeah, things going particularly well i'd say, although nothing really surprising happened lately. This semester's uni courses are finally the things i signed up for 5 years ago (machine learning, AI development, cybersecurity, IOT), so i'm having fun, even with the tons of projects that have been due and will be due these months lol
  3. Heya! Yeah, it's been busy non-stop for me and I increasingly have less time to come out to the forums in any meaningful capacity. Not a film director yet, haha. For now I'll have to settle for just watching them. Still, things aren't bad, although it's a little dizzying to realize that half of the year is already almost gone....

    What's up with you? Things going well? Any surprises or interesting things happening?
  4. hallooo pacpac, been a while hasn't it

    how's everything? Did you become a film director yet?
  5. i'm sure that one at least would be a job you'd love. But yeah, the way up there isn't paved in gold. I actually think directors start by working in other directors' staff. I think you might be able to have fun with that too.

    yeah, you got it perfectly. Thank you for putting that together for me pac.

    that's a poke for the argument of the other day, isn't it
    i don't know if what we gain with the advancement makes up for what we lose along the way. You see, certain books really made me realize that the growth of humanity isn't just progress and thought enhancement, but also coverup, misunderstanding, staining and twisting the past thinkers' concepts to adapt them to the course of events. It's kind of inevitable, it's not like i add an element of malice to it. I'm sure you can see it as well. So well, it's kinda hard for me to see it as evolution. More like mutation, really.
  6. Film director was indeed on my list of things I wanted to be. Maybe I still do. Either way, I've much to learn.

    Yeah, I got you. You want there to be a point to it. Gore, like anything, is a tool in a story and if there's no point except to slosh it in the face of the consumer then it loses its meaning and can become tacky and tasteless. In that case, I can see if I can't make a decent list for you.

    Cool, cool. Yeah, I feel like the classics are good for that. They lay that foundation and reading it for yourself can help illuminate just how they made such massive impacts. Then when you turn that around and add one's own thoughts and interpretations, new ideas can be sprung forth. I know a lot of people lament humankind for this or that reason, but I feel as if we're pretty lucky to be able to come to understandings as this and to be able to grow so much more not due to continued biological evolution (since it takes way too long for its changes to be of any use to us humans as we are now) but due to the advancement and passing on of knowledge coupled with modern ingenuity.
  7. you're gonna be a film director whose movies deal with sociology-political themes, then?

    look, blood spilled doesn't really bother of itself. But i guess i dislike when blood/gore becomes an actual horror factor to detriment of the subtler horror factors i actually care to see. I probably explained it worse than a middle school student but i hope you got the gist of it.

    i'd say i genuinely enjoyed them because i already knew i'd have agreed with most of those concepts, since back then we used to study philosophy very thoroughly. So more than life changing books, i'd say the lessons were life changing, and then the books represented a sort of intellectual masturbation, spiraled upwards (because of course there's another layer of depth when you read the work written by the actual philosopher). That said, there's been one or two perspective changing books as well, not from philosopher, from contemporaneity interpreters of the ancient knowledge that are kind of sidelined and revolutionary of their own right, or at least i see them as such, cuz they flip the table of how academic philosophy is taught and learned and provide a completely different interpretations of those very same philosophers.
  8. To be honest with you I have no desire to be a teacher, haha. But this job had other perqs that came with it and I enjoy the students, so it isn't a bad way to spend some time. That said.....I'm not sure. I have so many interest from film and writing to studying governments and societies. At this point, it's a toss up but I need to get in gear quickly, haha. Time is running out.

    Yeah, it's really easy for people to make cheap horror flicks with jump scares and just throwing gore at the screen with no ryhme or reason. That said, if you'd like to try something more psychological I can probably suggest one or two. You say zero percent disgusting but by that do you mean no spilling guts but some knife stabs are OK or no blood spilled whatsoever?

    Ah yes. Hobbes, Nietzsche, and Plato are all classic giants. Philosophy in general is something that I really enjoyed back in University but alas, there's only so much money and time I can spend on classes unrelated to a major. Would you say that you've learned quite a bit from your reading and that it's shaped your perception of things? And history is pretty sweet, too. I've always only focused on more recent history (last few hundred years) and very rarely went back to more than 500 or so years. That is until we reach the Paleozoic Era because I devoured any book about dinosaurs for years back when I was a kid and still read up on new discoveries every now and again. Heck, paleontology is fascinating (and so is geology, for that matter). Now you can see why I have issues with narrowing things down....
  9. contract at limited time? Maybe you'll find more spots in education, since it seems to be your thing. Are there other careers you'd consider?

    horror isn't my genre but what you said about it is interesting. i generally dislike when they bet everything on being just plain disgusting, and it's been like this ever since i was a little sprout so i've never really explored the genre. Anyway, i could see myself trying one of the more psychological ones. Is there anything you would suggest that is 0 disgusting and 100% slipping into taboo parts of the psyche?

    the philosophical ones are essentially born from my education path, stuff that impressed me to the point of wanting to check out the source. My favorites would be Hobbes (Leviathan), Nietzsche (the Birth of the Tragedy) and Plato (the Republic), i've always wanted to read Schopenhauer but i never got the chance. The historical works i read are essentially biographies or reconstructions of periods or battles, and the historical novels stimulate pretty much the same need, except it's put in form of a novel and hence they're particularly involving to me. I have a lot of these, from any kind of period. It really constituted my main reading before discovering manga just recently.
  10. You know, I really enjoy my students so it makes it all worth it. It's a busy job but if I can actually add some value to their education for the time being, then I'm happy with that. I'll only be doing it for a little while longer though. Afterwards is a mystery.

    I'm mostly a horror type of guy. I just really enjoy a good horror flick (psych thrillers too). There's just something about being able to explore that side of humanity---whether it's a person committing an evil act or a person faced with evil---that helps to unveil parts of who and what we are in a way that other films very rarely touch. Or having a film that is really well crafted and creates an oppressive terror in you. Good stuff. I've too many favorites to name an absolute, but things like.....well, The Thing and The Fly are wonderful horror films of the body horror genre.

    Books are about the same. Horror, mystery and psychs with Out by Natsuo Kirino and All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe being some of my favorites. I have been meaning to get into more philosophical and cultural works as well as history type stuff myself, though. There's really so much to learn out there. What are some of your favorites that you've read?
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