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  1. I'm actually starting to warm up to it a bit
  2. i'm fine with it now

    i'm fine with everything
  3. the hairball, just like me
  4. Hokuchan best chan

    What did i have against causal hokusai again?
  5. You didn't know?

    Indeed, got nightfall and waiting for Albion. Femto and his gay self joined
  6. okita alter, really?

    good good, go go

    let's take over under the fancy underwear banner

  7. Y's done it too lol. Ill try to get albion as well
  8. he's not THAT gay

    he'll find one out of the underweargod roster i'm sure

  9. Yeah but i dunno who hed want and hes pretty in love with his bishie king
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