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  1. I just want to say you did a good job handling this whole thing with the Gentlemen's Club; it couldn't have been easy. I know you don't do this, but if you want to talk, I'm always down to listen, I'm just a PM away.
  2. We can get rid of it.
  3. I'll let you decide
  4. So, when can I expect you to take away the Constitution Zone?
  5. I had it off temporarily, shouldn't be an issue now just so long as it's not abused.
  6. Was our permission to change usernames taken away, too?
  7. I might look into your user group later, but I'll ask some other mods if they have that for their sections.
  8. Hi, can I have more posts than Ultra? Thanks.
  9. The tournament almost did get cancelled before; Pops doesn't want to take any chances now.
  10. So if this tournament is such garbage, why do it anymore? Might as well just end the whole thing now, right? If you're hosting something, see it all the way through and don't give up halfway, like you've done on other projects; not a tough request. Seeing someone quit is just bleh. Worse than this tournament continuing the way it is.
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