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  1. Added the 6th panel to the Baam/Rachel entry, it's an emotional scene that needs every panel involved. Exceptions like that are fine.
  2. ah nice thanks
  3. Gave your nominations a slight touch so they are centered and look like a whole just so you know.
  4. yea I was planning on doing them both as my nominations but Kunta did it before me.

    and forgot to put the chapters, I am editing it now.
  5. I think your nomination would look better without the first panel.

    Make sure you find the chapter (I'm guessing 241 like Kunta's) and the other nomination as well.
  6. well thats the main reason i still read it, to see how some people defend it and explain "logically". its just too much fun
  7. I'm afraid I'll have to clean the puke off my keyboard first.

    It's a shame. Oh, well. At least we got some fun out of it.
  8. well let me know your thoughts after finishing that shit.
  9. That shit was too much. I'll probably read it once it ends.

    Doesn't stop me from making fun of the calcs and whatnot.
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