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  1. of course
  2. Ah of course, take the big threats out first, naturally

    Let me know when your next game is and I'll sign up.
  3. mafia doesnt kills the bad player day one, you know.
  4. Thanks for the update.

    Was it bad luck you got killed or were you not playing well?
  5. yea not much for the moment, got killed night 1 in Ava's game. But planning to host one after his game ends and if Ultra doesnt host his.
  6. S'up, how's the contributing going?
  7. Ink played the best as town though he couldnt finish as he died, but overall Swagzini played the best even thought the town won.
  8. Glad you enjoyed it. Well I'll be in X's infinity war game so you can try to get revenge then

    Btw who were the MVP's in your game? Just so I know who to watch out for
  9. thanks bruh.

    Its pretty fun hosting tbh and wasnt really as hard as I thought it would be. Gonna host more soon.

    btw, you should play more. I am still not fine with the humiliation in the poison game against you and oj guys.
  10. Congrats on hosting your first mafia game

    How did it go?
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