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  1. k
  2. wanna play mafia

    I just need literally anyone with a pulse
  3. still. now ur a tainted boi. your red colors have been besmirched by the purple flag..

    ur infiltration is dank shit nigga, but you need to go further.

    good question
  4. you never understood the point brainlet

    reds have infiltrated now - our ideas define the moderation of this forum, the oldguard has been cucked, and-

    how tf do we have 8 pages of conversation
  5. haha now ur a smelli purple nigga
  6. I notice you're trying to eliminate the enlightened ones.
  7. Obliterate the pretenders, no mercy, let 2018 be the year of CARNAGE
  8. It's the new order, roasters at the top of the food chain and mods are nothing
  9. 2018 the golden year after 2 shit years?

    This going to be fucking legendary
  10. nah he'll stand his ground and then he's going to get roasted by half the forum, watch
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