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  1. I see you
  2. Temp mod powers for game plz
  3. aight
  4. From now on, anytime something significant happens in the MAfia section post about it in the Contributor thread. This is so we have a hard record of things for the future and so we get more into the habit of discussion.
  5. I'll do that. Is there any way of checking the statistics of each section over a period of time? Is that a plug in we could add or something? It would be nice if I could look at data over a period of time.
  6. So from now on we’re going be a lot more meticulous when it comes to recording progress (in terms of section growth). Upper staff is currently working on a good system for this, but since the Mafia section is on an upward curve and is so vital for Project Resurgence I want you specifically to get in the habit of recording anything you think is significant in the Contributor thread. That way we can better analyze the growth of the section and utilize that information.
  7. Of course
  8. Make sure whatever is happening doesn’t mess with Mafia’s upward trend.
  9. You asked for a status report when I didn't have permissions for the council
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