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  1. you mean... it's a spoiler?
  2. i've given woiku an ultimatum

    next time you see him posting a spoiler please tell me before it gets too late.
  3. i've just seen it

    spoiler tagged and warned

    c'mon dude this is deliberate spoilers + keeps happening
  5. Uhmmmm.
    You should rewatch

    Cos the world is so much bigger than you think. You're dealing with small fry atm. You have Admirals + Yonkou

    And some other legends.
  6. I liked sanji and I didn't dislike the manga until then actually. But it felt like I was going to see essentially the same thing in every arc and I think this made me lose some drive.
  7. So after Sanji joined? lol damn...
    I dropped OP just before Baratie onceIt gets much better after though
  8. I started it but I dropped it after baratie I think

    plz could you move this Cwispi-chan

    also have you started OP yet?
  10. oh ok. Wherever you see fit
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