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  1. he looks so cool

    Also I might respect Trump some if he did that.

  3. Thanos and Loki would be a bit too on the nose.

    Could always go with your Trump Thanos and a mexican of some sort.
  4. yeah, gp's sig was at the top of my list, was thinking of Pops too

    but of course

    also thought of Thanos choking Loki but meh, too easy and uncreative
  5. The only ones which would work would be like a GP/Crispi one or.... That's it, really. Yeah. TMF doesn't have that much going for it on that.

    Could be all subversive and have PoPs and the Mods.

    But you already did that with the superior IW edit.
  6. yeah, I was planning to make some TMF ones but nothing good really comes to mind
  7. lol Is this choking meme new?
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